Most Reverend Charles Grande, MTh, MSPsy

His Excellency, the Most Reverend Charles Grande was born and raised in New York. He entered the minor seminary to study for the priesthood with the Franciscans in 1963 and Graduated in 1967 at which time he was sent to Siena College and studied with several groups of Franciscan Seminarians. Bishop Grande Graduated Siena 1971 and spent one year in the Novitiate in Rhode Island. In 1973 Bishop Grande began his studies for a Masters of Arts in Theology and received his degree from Catholic University of America in 1975 with a Masters in Psychology. Bishop is a member of the Order of Saint John Vianney.

Bishop Grande has served as Chaplain to a Hospice and continues to volunteer his time in that capacity. It was during his time as Chaplain that he became acquainted with what is called the Near Death Experience. People who were pronounced “dead” were revived by modern medical science. The stories they came back with from the “other side” were nothing short of fantastic. It has given him further conviction that we are here to learn how to love and grow in wisdom.

Bishop Grande moved to California 1975. From this point he learned of the Old Catholic/Independent Catholic Movement and joined the American Catholic Church, was Ordained to the priesthood and subsequently Consecrated Bishop in 2000 with the mandate to establish the American Catholic Church on the West Coast. Bishop Grande is the founding Prelate of the American Catholic Church Diocese of California. He is currently serving as a Bishop.


Bishop Charles Grande, Mission to the Grass Valley and Greater Sacramento Region. Hospice Chaplain Celebration of Sacraments in both private and public spaces, works with inter-faith groups at Inter-faith Food Ministry and outreach to the poor and homeless, works in close cooperation with Monks of St Benedict in their outreach ministry to Catholic/Christian couples.