Father Brian McGoldrick

Fr Brian spent his early years of formation with the Conventual Franciscan Friars of California. While he was stationed in Berkeley, he earned his Master of Divinity from the Dominical School of Philosophy and Theology, a member school of the Graduate Theological Union. Fr Brian’s studies and experience solidified his commitment to the ‘radical option for the poor’ as the church described it. Fr Brian always embraced the reality that the Gospel calls us to a radical option for those in need, for justice and for equality. While Fr Brian was preparing for priesthood, the Holy Spirit led him away from the Franciscans and the Roman Church.

Fr Brian’s spiritual journey took him to many places but he finally found his home here, in the American Catholic Church. Our church is firmly in union with the Christian Ideals of Inclusion, Equality and Service, while honoring apostolic succession and the liturgical tradition of the church. Fr Brian embraces them whole-heartedly. With the help of Fr Kevin and Bishop Martin, the community discerned that Fr Brian was still being called to sacramental ministry. He was ordained a deacon in 2014 and then ordained to the priesthood on June 27, 2015.